MTHFR and any suitable baby formula on market?


Firtsly, thank you so much for all your amazing information on MTHFR.
I, unfortunately have both mutations of C677t. I have birthed two beautiful babies, the first child I was completely unaware of this defect so took folic acid supplements unknowingly risking the health of my baby and myself. He was fortunately born healthy, although a slight tongue tie was present and he has the blue vein or sugar bug vein on the bridge of his nose. His hyperactive behaviour is also questionable.
Then I had a miscarriage and this was when I first learned about MTHFR and had myself tested. All my learnings prompted me to spend 4 months  building up my levels of natural folate and B’s through healthy supplementation before falling pregnant again and birthing another beautiful, healthy baby boy, although he has the sugar bug vein on the bridge of his nose. This seems to be the only characteristic of the MTHFR gene mutation.
He is currently breasted and is 6 months old but my question is: is there any safe baby formula on the market in Australia for babies with the MTHFR gene mutation?
Although I would love to have another baby I am terrified at the thought of any defects as I understand a women’s body becomes more depleted with each pregnancy. I’m also terrified because of the lack of available baby formulas for MTHFR babies and my inability to breastfeed for the full 12 months as this is such a huge strain on my energy levels and mental health, which in turn isn’t good for baby.
I am desperately hoping there is an alternative.
Thank you so very much for any information you can offer 🙏

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thank you for the email! please check out nourishing traditions formula recipes!
best of luck to you expanding your family! if you would like we can schedule a consultation for more specific suggestions about your healing

Dr Kendra

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