Not sure where to begin with MTHFR genetic mutations & current health issues?


I am newly aware of my genetic mutations MTHFR chromosome 1 and 6 other genetic mutations. For the past two years health issues/symptoms have been ignored or easily dismissed by my Physicians Assistant/MD office.  I am currently concerned about nerve issues and muscle squeezing in arms and legs, muscle stiffness/hardening & occasional twitching.  I also have other health issues that may or may not be related: IBS, food sensitivities, skin inflammation (rosacea and Seborrhea Dermatitis of the scalp), puffy eyes/face, prone to fungal infections, do not tolerate coffee, a general feeling of unwell on the inside with not great natural energy.  As a child my mother was told I had failure to thrive.  I eat 90% or more whole food diet, get vitamin D, am not considered overweight.  I’m concerned that something is being missed by my MD and don’t want to spiral into a major chronic illness or debilitating disease.  Recent lab work revealed I have high coronary factor, high cholesterol and trigylcerides even though I’m a healthy eater.

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definitely follow up with a provider that is savvy with genetic mutations and health implications!
thank you for your question

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